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  • API
    Issues affecting the API
  • Bot - Discord
    Issues affecting the Discord side
  • Bot - Global
    Affects all bot instances
  • Bot - Revolt
    Issues affecting the Revolt side
  • Dashboard
    Issues affecting the dashboard
  • Global
    Affects all aspects
  • Website
    Issues affecting the website
  • Organization level labels that can be used with all repositories under this organization
  • Backend
    Infrastructure Related
  • Backlog
  • bug
    Something is not working
  • Command
    Tasks that are only a command
  • Design
    Requires some form of design in the task chain
  • duplicate
    This issue or pull request already exists
  • enhancement
    New feature
  • Feature
    Tasks that aren't directly just a command
  • From Command
    Issues Created from the "issue" command
  • help wanted
    Need some help
  • invalid
    Something is wrong
  • Project Management
    Tasks related to project management rather than the project
  • question
    More information is needed
  • Service
    Background Services
  • Web Service
    Web API/Web Fetching/Web Related Tasks
  • wontfix
    This won't be fixed